Would you like to obtain advance certainty about the tax implications of your transfer pricing system or planned cross-border transactions?

Meijburg & Co Global Transfer Pricing Services can obtain such advance certainty for you by consulting with tax authorities, in the Netherlands or abroad, in order to arrive at unilateral, bilateral, or multilateral agreements. Such agreements – Advance Pricing Agreements, or “APAs” – ease future administrative obligations, manage many tax exposures, and may even help you avoid double taxation. In cross-border engagements, we work together with the transfer pricing specialists of the KPMG Global Transfer Pricing Services Group.

An Advance Pricing Agreement offers: 

  • consultations with the Dutch Revenue
  • clarity and certainty regarding future tax treatment
  • solutions for avoiding double taxation

Additional benefits of an Advance Pricing Agreement: 

  • Simplified corporate income tax compliance
  • Fewer disputes with the Dutch Revenue
  • A less onerous burden of proof for the taxpayer
  • A reduced risk of additional assessments and penalties being imposed