Does your company regularly buy and sell raw materials, auxiliary materials, and/or products from and to countries outside the European Union?

Do you form part of a supply chain with countries outside the European Union?

Is it important to your company that your goods pass through customs without interruption?

If so, you can request the Dutch customs authorities to grant you status as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO). The AEO readiness scan performed by Meijburg & Co’s customs advisors can quickly provide you with insight into how ready your company is to request AEO status. 
The customs authorities will offer various facilities to companies with certified flows of goods. 
AEO-certified companies can profit from:

  • fewer physical and documentary audits by the customs authorities;
  • priority during customs audits;
  • choice of audit location;
  • easier access to customs advantages;
  • reporting less data in summary declarations;
  • prior notification by the customs authorities of intended physical audits; and
  • easier access in the future to centralized clearance for the entire EU and permission to carry out self-assessment audits.

Non-certified companies will continue to be subject to traditional customs authorities supervision. 
The clarity about control measures that the AEO readiness scan provides offers your company sufficient safeguards for requesting an AEO certificate. The scan also identifies which of these measures are insufficient. The findings identify the accompanying risks and allow us to make recommendations in this regard.

Our AEO readiness scan offers:

  • A quickly delivered, thorough overview of your company’s starting point.
  • The provision of the customs and security risks your company runs, provided in an easy-to-understand format.
  • A rapid explanation of the improvements that must be made in order to qualify for AEO status.

Additional benefits of our AEO readiness scan:

  • An excellent start to the procedure for requesting an AEO certificate.
  • An understanding of the risks your company runs in the financial and logistics chains (in relation to AEO certification).
  • Prevention of unnecessary procedures and disruptions by a clear estimate of the risks.
  • Cost savings regarding the personnel that will be involved in the application procedure.
  • Help in implementing the security procedures within your company.
  • Send a clear signal to the customs authorities that a thorough AEO self-assessment has been performed.