Meijburg & Co’s Belgium Holland Desk provides, in close collaboration with KPMG Belgium, tax advice to companies and individuals with cross-border interests, investments or activities. The professionals on this Country Desk have specific knowledge of and experience with this ‘frontier’, and are thus uniquely placed to efficiently and expertly assist you with tax matters.

The core activities of the members of our Desk consist of providing advice on:

  • the structuring of existing and new business and investment activities in Belgium and the Netherlands;
  • (cross-border) mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations and business succession;
  • intercompany services and goods supplies;
  • cross-border employment; and
  • estate planning.

We also have broad experience with the emigration/remigration of individuals and the relocation of companies to Belgium or the Netherlands.

The provision of advice also covers corporate income tax, VAT, customs, payroll tax and personal income tax, gift tax, inheritance tax, withholding taxes, social security and local Belgian and Dutch taxes. Our Belgium Holland Desk newsletter provides monthly updates on recent developments in these areas.

The close collaboration between the professionals of Meijburg & Co and KPMG Belgium ensures that the knowledge and expertise of both organizations is used to its best advantage and this contributes to the right choices being made in applying regulations of both countries. If necessary, we can also provide assistance with non-tax fields, such as legal and administrative services.

To give you an impression of the differences between Belgian and Dutch legislation, we have drawn up comparative brochure, which contains an overview of the most important differences between legislation on the financial statements, the financial accounts, legal aspects and valuation principles in Belgium and the Netherlands.