Virtually every transaction your company performs will have corporate income tax consequences. The law in this area is complicated and subject to constant change; it contains countless special rules and exceptions, as well as implementation and anti-abuse provisions. Knowing the potential tax consequences in advance, particularly where larger transactions are concerned, is vital to selecting the most tax-efficient route for reaching the most desirable outcome.

How can Meijburg & Co assist you?

Meijburg & Co offers corporate income tax advice and support to both domestic and multinational companies. In doing so, we strive to deliver maximum added value. In order to achieve this goal, we have formed specialized groups for the more complex areas of Dutch corporate income tax. In addition to their more general consultancy work, our professionals can support and advise you on the following specialized areas of corporate income tax:

  • participation exemption
  • fiscal unities
  • mergers and demergers
  • investment institutions
  • rulings
  • permanent establishments and permanent representatives
  • collaborative ventures
  • loss set-off
  • avoidance of double taxation
  • interest deduction
  • relocation of official place of business

How will you benefit?

The broad range of statutory and regulatory law, as well as case law, offers taxpayers the opportunity to optimize their tax planning and avail themselves of exemptions and deductions. The field’s increasing complexity, however, also entails the risk that savings opportunities will go unused and tax will be paid twice. By engaging our professionals early on, you can be sure that every planned transaction and every corporate structure will be implemented with an eye towards tax efficiency, as well as risk management and tax savings.

Why choose Meijburg & Co?

Meijburg & Co has a long tradition of supplying high-quality, professional tax advice, including advice on corporate income tax issues. Some 300 of our specialists center their practices almost exclusively on corporate income tax. This not only guarantees your access to our extensive knowledge and expertise, but it enables us to create teams of highly specialized consultants to handle the most complex corporate income tax issues. Our combination of general consultancy, subspecialty practice, market savvy, and multi-disciplinary services enables us to provide you with proactive, efficient, and timely advice.