Not only tax is our business 

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has a prominent place in Meijburg & Co’s policy, both in respect to our operational processes and the environment. At the same time, we also want to contribute to society, while staying true to our organization’s principles. We are a knowledge organization and that is why we have chosen social projects that are educational.

CSR − business processes

Meijburg & Co believes strongly in good employment practices, talent development and diversity. In addition, environmental aspects also play an important and decisive role in our purchasing process. Our suppliers share our environmental concerns. 

CSR − environment

Meijburg & Co strives to limit, as much as possible, the carbon footprint of its activities. This is achieved in two ways:
on the one hand, a reduction in CO2 emissions is achieved by initiatives such as the purchase of green energy, making our offices energy efficient, separation of waste, the introduction of teleconferencing and videoconferencing, and the implementation of a environmentally friendly mobility scheme; on the other hand, we compensate our CO2 emissions according to the Gold Standard. This is the strictest standard of CO2 compensation. It supports direct investments in sustainable energy projects in less developed countries. We have used it to invest in cooking stoves for families in Kenya . These wood-burning stoves have been developed to replace traditional cooking on open fires. As a result of efficient combustion, these stoves require less wood, emitting no, or almost no smoke, and this, in turn, reduces CO2 emissions.

CSR − society

Meijburg & Co is a high-quality knowledge organization. Perpetual learning is in our DNA and our staff therefore realizes just how important good and accessible education is. Education increases your chances in society, everywhere. The CSR social projects that we are involved in are therefore always educational projects, both in the Netherlands and abroad. The essence of these projects is that they aim to improve education and make it more accessible.