Meijburg & Co is involved in a variety of social initiatives, the most important projects of which are:

  • The education project in South Africa
    There is a serious lack of educational opportunities available in the vicinity of Sabi Sabi, an area in South Africa with which Meijburg & Co has a special relationship. Our investment in the Ezweni primary school and high school has resulted in the construction of new fully equipped classrooms, the improvement of the water supply, and the addition of an extensive array of teaching materials. Every year, a group Meijburg employees and students visit the school as part of the Meijburg Business Course to offer their help by painting or doing odd jobs.

  • Cooperation between Meijburg & Co and first8
    The well-known Dutch photographer Sander Veeneman set up first8 in 2004 as a visual protest against hunger and poverty. First8’s campaigns are designed to create awareness of the unacceptable circumstances under which far too many of the world’s population have to live. Meijburg & Co supports Sander Veeneman’s belief that combating poverty and the realization of accessible education go hand in hand. Meijburg & Co has therefore decided to set aside part of the reception area of its offices to display the portraits made by Sander Veeneman.

  • Make it Happen Fund
    The objective of the Make it Happen Fund Foundation is to encourage KPMG and Meijburg & Co employees to actively contribute to society. Colleagues volunteering for a social project can apply for a donation from the fund.