Who are we?

Meijburg & Co has long been a leader in providing tax advisory services to a large number of national and international financial institutions. This has enabled our advisors to gain extensive experience with tax issues that are specific to financial institutions. Their expertise has been brought together in the Financial Services Tax Group, which consists of advisors who combine their knowledge and experience of the commercial and supervisory aspects of financial institutions with an in-depth knowledge of tax issues. This enables them to develop tailor-made solutions for  each client and case, irrespective of whether this involves corporate income tax, VAT, real estate transfer tax, withholding tax, or other taxes. It goes without saying that the impact of EU law is always factored into the equation.

Who are our clients?

Our clients are national and international financial institutions that cover the entire spectrum of the financial world, from banks and insurance companies, to pension funds, investment and real estate funds, hedge funds, market makers and asset managers. The common denominator for all these institutions is their core business: the acquisition, investment and management of financial resources, both at home and abroad.

What can Meijburg & Co offer you?

Our extensive experience with issues specific to financial institutions, combined with an efficient and top quality international network, and an in-depth knowledge of tax issues, means we can offer our clients unique solutions. We aim to provide an optimum service by immediately responding to new developments, thereby working closely with relevant specialists, for example, where our work intersects with tax accounting and the changing requirements of supervisory authorities. We have built up an excellent relationship with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration and the Ministry of Finance, with whom we are continually in contact, and this allows us to satisfactorily manage any tax and reputation risks faced by our clients.