Do you have an equity compensation plan, such as a stock option plan, an employee stock purchase plan, or a restricted stock plan in which your employees around the globe participate? Are you interested in knowing about the tax, social security, legal, and regulatoryissues this plan could create in the countries where you operate?

KPMG's Global Equity Compensation Reporter (GECR) is a comprehensive, web-based service that provides information on how various countries around the world treat equity-based compensation plans. It covers critical areas such as the timing of personal and corporate income taxation, withholding and reporting obligations, corporate deductibility requirements, preferential tax treatment, securities requirements, and the taxation of transient employees.

The GECR service offers you the following: 

  • immediate access to cutting-edge analyses of the tax, social security, legal, and regulatory aspects of equity compensation plans
  • country-specific reports
  • web-based data storage and search functions; you need not install any software or maintain any hardware

Other advantages of the GECR service: 

  • allows you to subscribe on a country-by-country basis – you only pay for the countries you need
  • provides instant reports, giving you immediate feedback on the relevant issues
  • allows you to narrow the focus of the professional advice you should obtain with respect to your particular plan