We provide advice on the transfer of assets both during one’s lifetime and posthumously.

How can Meijburg & Co assist you?

The experts in our estate-planning group will advise you specifically on: 

  • the tax aspects of prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, wills, and gifts;
  • the settlement of estates, during which process the heirs must make decisions that may have far-reaching tax consequences;
  • the inheritance or gifts of business assets and certain shares in companies that conduct a business (certain facilities apply in this respect, such as a 75% discount, and an extension of payment during which interest accrues; and
  • the tax consequences of making gifts or bequests in cross-border situations, such as those involving non-Dutch assets and one or more parties residing and/or working abroad. Our experts will also advise you on any emigration and immigration issues relevant to your situation.

Our clients include accountants, lawyers, bankers, civil-law notaries, and insurance companies, whom we assist with the complex tax issues they face when planning their clients’ estates.

How will you benefit?

Tax consequences often feature prominently in making choices in an estate-planning context. A thorough understanding of the exact tax consequences is essential to avoiding any unpleasant surprises. Meijburg & Co’s consultants assess the inheritance tax, gift tax, and personal income tax ramifications of these choices, as well as those relating to corporate income tax, real estate transfer tax, and VAT.

Why choose Meijburg & Co?

Given the complexity of the statutes and regulations governing the field, in-depth specialist knowledge is vital to tax-efficient estate planning. Several of our offices are staffed with estate-planning specialists, all of whom have the knowledge and experience necessary to assist you. They cooperate closely with our specialists in other areas of tax and with KPMG experts around the world, ensuring an integrated approach to your estate planning and tailored advice.