The International Executive Services (IES) specialists at Meijburg & Co advise employers and seconded employees (expatriates) on the tax and social security aspects of cross-border employment. Our IES specialists provide advice not only concerning seconded employees, but regarding any employee affected by a cross-border issue. For instance, many employees live in one country and work in another indefinitely, while others might work regularly in more than one country. We also have a unique department that specializes in non-tax expatriate matters such as International HRM, obtaining visas and work / residence permits, and relocation services, Meijburg & Co Expatriate Services. 

How can Meijburg & Co assist you?

We advise employees and their employers on the planning opportunities available for minimizing their tax burden, such as implementing a tax-efficient remuneration structure for seconded employees, and methods of reimbursing additional tax and social security costs arising from cross-border employment (e.g., tax equalization, tax protection). These services are offered to all cross-border employees, whether they are being seconded to or from the Netherlands. 
Our advice covers the issues that may be relevant to cross-border employment, including equity-based compensation (stock options), salary in kind, and allowances for the extra costs incurred in a secondment situation, such as those relating to accommodation, relocation, and schooling. 
We handle applications for the 30% ruling for employees arriving in the Netherlands. 
We prepare personal income tax returns, and handle other compliance obligations with respect to employees.

How will you benefit?

Engaging Meijburg & Co’s IES professionals can limit the costs of cross-border employment. In addition, both employers and employees are relieved of a substantial portion of their administrative burden, and can rest easy knowing that there are no unpleasant surprises waiting to be discovered.

Why choose Meijburg & Co?

Our IES group comprises fully dedicated specialists who render professional tax services exclusively to cross-border employees and their employers. This guarantees your access to in-depth knowledge and expertise. Furthermore, the group forms part of KPMG’s global IES network. This means that services in this field are available, and can be coordinated, from anywhere in the world. The IES group also uses specialized software, which ensures the efficient completion of your IES compliance work. Due to our collaboration with KPMG Expatriate Services our IES group can offer a truly unique one-stop shop that can handle all aspects of cross-border employment.