We will build and sustain our reputation as the leading tax professional service firm for the next generation

Meijburg & Co is a knowledge-based organization, hence Meijburg’s mission statement: ”We will build and sustain our reputation as the leading tax professional service firm for the next generation". Providing high-quality knowledge is our core business. The continuous education and training of our professionals is essential to this, but equally, knowledge-sharing deserves to be a focal point. Amassing, and then opening up and sharing, this knowledge is not a simple task. It is a complex operation, as this knowledge is spread throughout our organization, and it is not always immediately obvious where certain knowledge may be found.

For years, globalization and changes national and European legislation have engendered huge developments in the tax profession. The profession has not only become more knowledge-intensive, but tax professionals also have to meet increasingly higher standards in the fields of market orientation, leadership, and management.

It is very important to a knowledge organization like Meijburg that our employees be offered the chance to anticipate these constantly changing and demanding circumstances adequately. The key to this lies in offering a complete and practical package of high-quality education, training, and courses. This offers Meijburg professionals the opportunity to continue developing throughout their careers into authoritative advisors, well-prepared for their entrance onto the national and international tax stage.

Meijburg has set up a new institute within the company: Meijburg Tax Business School, which will provide an overview of, and access to, the wide variety of courses available for all Meijburg tax advisors. The Meijburg Tax Business School is a regulating body that organizes the courses available along the lines of Meijburg’s focal points of People, Knowledge, and the Market. Of course, the education and courses available are predominantly technical in nature, although consideration is also given to Personal Development and Management. Bringing all the courses together under one aegis will also enable us to better gear the courses offered to our professionals’ own career courses, which will offer huge added value to the Meijburg tax advisor’s professional career.

There will, of course, be very close cooperation between the Meijburg Tax Business School and the KPMG Global Tax Business School, which will guarantee the Tax Business School’s international program. The result: a complete package of international training and education that is indispensible for both the novice tax advisor and the experienced tax professional. Experienced Meijburg staff with academic backgrounds will form an advisory board to keep a careful eye on the quality of the courses. This will create a solid platform of knowledge and experience that is unique in Dutch tax practice.

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply!” – J.W. von Goethe