Meijburg & Co supports a new prestigious tax education developed by the University of Amsterdam in collaboration with the renowned International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation: Advanced Master 's International Tax Law degree ( LLM) .

The increasing globalization of the economy has heightened the need for tax advisors specialized in international tax law. These experts are expected to have a thorough knowledge of the underlying principles of this complex specialization, to be familiar with the policies and perspectives of numerous countries in various stages of development, as well as being keenly aware of the practical implications of international tax legislation and regulations. A methodical degree program containing all these aspects is therefore indispensable for tax advisors who wish to follow this career path.

The University of Amsterdam (UvA), together with the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD), has developed a one-year high quality degree program that prepares interested candidates for the demanding international tax environment. Meijburg & Co Tax Lawyers will make an important contribution to this advanced Master’s degree in International Tax Law (LLM). The degree program combines the considerable practical and theoretical knowledge of the international tax environment shared by the UvA, the IBFD and Meijburg & Co Tax Lawyers. 

This has resulted in a promising LLM degree program that applies a holistic and policy-oriented approach to tax law and which fits perfectly with the current era of dynamic international legislation. The degree program is based on both the research activities of the UvA and the IBFD, and the high quality practical knowledge of Meijburg & Co Tax Lawyers.

More information about the advanced Master’s degree in International Tax Law can be found on the website or click here to download the brochure