Implementing a merger or an acquisition is an important business decision that companies are having to make more and more often, simply because globalization demands it. Once such a decision is made, the tax aspects merit considerable attention at all times – before, during, and after the transaction.

How can Meijburg & Co assist you?

We provide you with whatever professional services you need, at every stage of a transaction. Usually, this starts with a pre-deal evaluation and ends with post-acquisition restructuring operations and integration. Specifically, the following professional services will be relevant for you: 

  • tax due diligence: a review that identifies facts and potential risks regarding a business’s tax position and forms a sound basis for planning an acquisition structure (you determine the scope of the review yourself: in a quick scan, for instance, the key tax aspects are briefly analyzed);
  • tax structuring: optimally structuring a merger or an acquisition can lead to significant tax savings. Our transaction specialists are highly experienced in mergers and acquisitions, as well as in financing and selling businesses or business divisions;
  • transaction documentation: a tax review of acquisition contracts, financing documentation, and other transaction-related documents; and
  • post-acquisition structuring: in advising on the best manner of integrating business operations after a national or an international merger or acquisition, our objective is to set up a tax-efficient structure that will not result in taxation upon implementation.

How will you benefit?

Engaging the merger and acquisition specialists of Meijburg & Co ensures that you will receive highly professional tax consultancy services, which will help you attain the best tax position.

Why choose Meijburg & Co?

Our transaction specialists are sharp, creative, and involved almost daily in mergers and acquisitions of businesses of all sizes. Our experts continuously exchange the vast amount of expertise and experience they have obtained in their fields. Our transaction specialists collaborate frequently with KPMG’s Global Merger & Acquisition Tax Network, of which they form the Dutch branch, which ensures the efficient supervision of international transactions. Our due-diligence services are performed by a separate team of specialists, under the name of Meijburg & Co M & A Tax B.V., who often work closely with KPMG’s financial specialists and accountants