If you are a Dutch tax resident or a non-Dutch tax resident who receives income from Dutch sources, your income is subject to personal income tax in the Netherlands. Personal income tax is levied on your income (from your employment or business), your home, and your other assets. Sooner or later, everyone deals with a personal income tax issue.

How can Meijburg & Co assist you?

A personal income tax box system has been in place in the Netherlands since 2001. The system comprises three boxes: one for income from employment (including a business) and home ownership, one for income from substantial interests, and one for income from savings and investments. Income elements must be allocated to the appropriate boxes because each box has its own tax rate, which may be fixed or progressive. Meijburg & Co’s experts possess the exhaustive knowledge and experience you need to guide you through the maze of statutory provisions to an optimal personal income tax position. This expertise will stand you in good stead, particularly when you are faced with issues in one of the subspecialties within the field of personal income tax. We have professionals who are thoroughly versed in each of these subspecialties, and who regularly deal with issues such as an individual’s personal residence, company car, endowment and annuity insurances, role as a director/major shareholder, business succession, profit from a taxpayer’s own business, trusts, and allocating income to a partner/spouse. Many provisions in these areas are extremely detailed and are often subject to complicated transitional and exceptional provisions.

How will you benefit?

Engaging Meijburg & Co’s experts means that you are always assured of:

  • the best solution for issues and problems you face in the personal income tax realm
  • an optimal tax position

Why choose KPMG Meijburg?

For decades, our professionals have advised private individuals on their personal income tax issues. Our clients include high net-wealth individuals, entrepreneurs, and directors/major shareholders. In order to provide our clients with the best possible services, we have developed a number of subspecialties in various areas of tax. Meijburg & Co also offers the services of multidisciplinary groups that handle complex tax issues, including business succession, estate planning, and small and medium-size enterprises. This enables us to offer you pro-active and efficient advice, exactly when you need it.