Are tax issues the first to cross your mind when you plan real estate transactions? Probably not. And yet, it is vital to have a clear view of the various types of taxes, such as VAT, corporate income tax, personal income tax, real estate transfer tax, and municipal property taxes. It is equally crucial that they be examined at precisely the right moment, because failing to structure transactions optimally can have major tax consequences. Providing tax advice on real estate requires specialist knowledge, which is why we have pooled our expertise in the Real Estate Group.

Who are our clients?

Our Real Estate Group’s clients include institutional investors, financial institutions, (project) developers, construction companies, housing corporations, non-profit organizations, and industrial companies.

How can Meijburg & Co assist you?

Our Real Estate Group comprises a close-knit team of highly dedicated and specialized tax professionals who deal with all tax aspects relating to real estate. The diverse specializations of our experts enable us to consistently offer you the best solution to whatever tax question may arise in connection with your real estate. We would be pleased to advise you on such matters as: 

  • project development
  • investments in real estate
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • construction projects
  • renovations
  • buying, selling, leasing, and renting real estate
  • spatial planning
  • public-private partnership
  • valuations under the Dutch Valuation of Immovable Property Act (WOZ)