Do you want to identify your VAT risks and opportunities on time, based on facts, so that you can subsequently take appropriate action? And do you want to spare your IT colleagues a lot of extra work? KPMG’s Tax Intelligence Solution (TIS) is a powerful and effective tool that combines KPMG’s knowledge and experience of ERP systems and VAT.

International companies often find the VAT process − compliance and reporting − complex. TIS makes it possible to perform data analyses; a large number of routine analyses are available, including sector-specific analyses. This provides immediate insight into the AR and/or AP process. The benefits of using TIS to gain an insight into how your business is processing the relevant VAT data include:

  • insight into the extent to which the legislation and regulations in different jurisdictions is being complied with;
  • potential savings;
  • the opportunity to improve processes;
  • the opportunity to improve your ERP system.

TIS also offers support with, for example, the preparation of VAT returns, EU listings and Intrastat declarations. TIS is currently being used successfully by various clients in different countries with support from KPMG IT Advisory and local VAT specialists.

For more information on the Tax Intelligence Solution, please contact one of our TIS specialists.