Does your business involve goods, services, or funds transactions between associated enterprises? Would you like to assess whether the prices and terms you use are at arm's length? Is this information currently included in your accounting records, or do you intend to include it?

The Transfer Pricing Documentation Solution of Meijburg & Co Global Transfer Pricing Services offers companies an efficient tool for meeting the Dutch statutory documentation requirements. Since 2002, Section 8b of the Dutch Corporate Income Tax Act of 1969 has required companies to keep sufficient records to allow the Dutch Revenue to assess whether their prices and terms for associated enterprises qualify as arm’s length.

Our Transfer Pricing Documentation Solution offers: 

  • a practical and cost-efficient procedure;
  • the use of templates that are clear and can be adapted to your situation whenever you wish;
  • flexibility: our involvement can range from playing a supportive role to playing a leading one; and
  • a lead time of just six to eight weeks.

Other benefits of our Transfer Pricing Documentation Solution include the following: 

  • Its emphasis on early preparation of documentation may prevent the burden of proof from shifting.
  • It results in documentation that may serve as the basis for transfer pricing records in other countries.
  • It can identify possible tax exposures, helping you with such concerns as avoiding double taxation.
  • It provides you with an overview of your intercompany transactions.
  • Its outcome may help you to optimize your business’s supply chains for both commercial and tax purposes.
  • It enables you to analyze your existing documentation system