Always on the move

Meijburg & Co’s Transportation Group knows all the ins and outs of the many specific tax rules that apply to the transportation industry. This is because our group comprises teams of experienced professionals whose daily work routinely centers on transportation companies. The team members specialize in such areas as corporate income tax, VAT, payroll tax, and import and customs duties.

Who are our clients?

Airlines, shipping companies, road and railway transporters, and courier services companies, many of whom are leading market players, regularly engage our specialized services.

How can Meijburg & Co assist you?

Because a number of tax regulations apply only to transportation companies, we have pooled our expertise. 

  • We have in-depth experience with the tonnage tax regime applicable to shipping companies.
  • We have exhaustive expertise with special tax treaty rules regarding airlines and shipping companies.
  • We regularly advise our clients about whether a particular branch of a non-Dutch airline or shipping company will have to pay tax in the Netherlands or whether it can claim an exemption.
  • Because of the numerous rules that apply, the levy of tax, social security contributions, and employed persons’ insurance contributions regarding seafarers and airline crews has become a separate area of expertise. Our payroll tax specialists deal with these issues as a matter of course.
  • Our experts on VAT, import duties, and customs duties deal with the cross-border movement of goods, and they are completely at home in the world of exemptions, temporary storage, and customs warehouses.