Can you meet all your statutory VAT obligations? Can you accomplish this in all the EU Member States in which you operate as an entrepreneur? Are you certain that, where intragroup transactions are involved, your VAT positions match in the Member States concerned?

VATAutomation offers:

  • complete and computerized VAT compliance within the EU (returns, listings, Intrastat, and invoices)
  • on-line adjustments to new regulations in all EU countries, which means that the software is always up to date
  • a limitation of risks with respect to the timeliness and accuracy of VAT returns
  • ease of use

Additional benefits of VATAutomation:

  • It can be linked to all computerized accounting systems, such as Oracle, SAP, and Peoplesoft.
  • It gives you full control over the accuracy of the VAT treatment of the incoming and outgoing invoices entered: the VAT decisions are computerized and cannot be changed without the knowledge of the employees authorized to do so.
  • It saves time by eliminating time-consuming compliance activities, such as filling out VAT forms.
  • Buyers can immediately identify the relevant VAT treatment, because invoices refer to the regulations in the buyer’s own language.