Corporate income tax

Corporate income tax is constantly changing and has countless incentives and anti-abuse provisions. Our specialists not only pro-actively provide advice, but can also help you with the preparation of the corporate income tax return, with the introduction of new work processes and with the implementation of new administrative systems.


In addition to specialists with a broad orientation, we also have various specialist groups that can assist and advise you on specific areas of corporate income tax, such as the participation exemption, the fiscal unity, mergers and demergers/divisions/split-offs, rulings, the Innovation Box, international tax law, interest deduction, transfer pricing, Controlled Foreign Company (CFC) rules, management participation plans, head office relocation and the multilateral instrument (MLI). We use an integrated approach where all the team members are based at the same office in the Netherlands. At the international level, we work closely with our KPMG colleagues so that we can provide internationally operating organizations with the best tax advice.

Engaging Meijburg to prepare and file your corporate income tax return

Our corporate income tax services are not merely confined to the provision of advice. We also make life easier for organizations with regard to their Dutch tax compliance obligations and the worldwide tax compliance obligations of other group companies. We also provide support with the introduction of new processes and the implementation of new administrative systems.

We approach the tax compliance process from a broader perspective than merely the preparation and filing of tax returns. For example, we regard it as an annually recurring event, so that you always know what your tax position is at any time. Good teamwork between our compliance specialists and your organization means we can:

  • avoid unnecessarily high administrative expenses;
  • address the increasing demands made by the Dutch tax authorities and the impact of changing legislation and regulations;
  • properly manage the (hefty financial) risks and make the best use of the opportunities available to you.

One Client Service Team

At Meijburg, preparing the tax return en providing advice are combined in one Client Service Team and all of whose members work at the same offices in the Netherlands. Personal contact with a recognizable team and short lines of communication. Other benefits are:

No outsourcing

Your tax return will be prepared in the Netherlands, where possible at your office. Data will not cross borders.

Cost and time savings

Savings in time and money thanks to an efficient tax compliance process relying on IT tools.

Top quality service

The optimal integration of tax advice in the tax return, whereby we pro-actively identify the best opportunities available to you as well as the risks.

Nexus application for preparing tax returns

We ensure the preparation of your corporate income tax returns is first-rate but still cost-efficient. We use tax technology solutions for this and have developed our own application, Nexus. We use this user-friendly application to incorporate company data and our expertise into the preparation of the corporate income tax return. Nexus is now the standard at Meijburg for efficiently preparing corporate income tax returns. The application has several functions, including:

  • mapping function: this automatically distributes the data for accounting purposes into the headings in the tax return;
  • questionnaire: this can be used to obtain the relevant information and data required to prepare the corporate income tax return;
  • automated checks-and balances that provide optimal support when delivering a high-quality data pack.

Optimal role allocation

Organizations are perfectly capable of correctly interpreting the composition of their figures for accounting purposes and to properly assess the quality and reliability of data and reports. For a successful and streamlined approach to the compliance process, we therefore believe it is important to have a role allocation whereby you retain control of your own data and can enter and check it yourself. Meijburg’s role in this collaboration is increasingly moving from administrator to providing assistance with setting up and implementing your own procedures, as well as providing you with the right IT tools. This will enable you to better manage tax risks.

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