Inheritance and gift taxes

Inheritance tax and gift tax: almost everyone will be confronted with these taxes at some point in their lives. You pay inheritance tax on your share of a deceased person’s estate. Any gifts you make during your lifetime are subject to gift tax. Arranging this yourself can be rather complicated. That is why Meijburg & Co's advisors are happy to assist you.

Estate planning advice on inheritance and gift taxes

Meijburg & Co has a team of estate planning specialists dedicated to providing advice on the transfer of assets during a person’s lifetime or after their death. As such, our daily activities involve the civil-law and tax aspects of, for example, wills and gifts. This not only applies to questions specifically related to the Netherlands, but also to cross-border inheritance tax and gift tax issues.

Help with estate settlement

We regularly provide advice on inheritance tax, assisting families to settle the estate of a deceased loved one. This requires heirs/beneficiaries to take decisions that can have far-reaching tax implications. Once these decisions have been made, we prepare the inheritance tax return.

Tax advice on gifts

There are various ways to gift, the most popular being person-to-person. To make a social impact, a person or business can donate to a good cause (philanthropy). Gift tax may then be payable. In that case, there are various points to consider. The professionals at Meijburg & Co would be pleased to provide you with tax advice on transferring your assets.

Insight into your inheritance tax and gift tax situation

Providing you with the best tax advice requires a clear understanding of your background and any considerations that have to be taken into account. It is crucial that we fully understand your situation if unwelcome surprises are to be avoided. This will enable us to precisely identify how these taxes will impact you and ensure you receive the best possible advice on inheritance and gift taxes.

Advising family businesses

We also advise family businesses about the transfer of a business during life as well as upon death. Business succession tax relief is obviously an important aspect of this advice, but so are questions about continuity and governance. You can rely on the knowledge of our specialists in such matters.

Need advice on inheritance and gift taxes?

Do you require advice about inheritance tax upon the death of a loved one? Would you like to donate to a good cause and do you have questions about gift tax? Do you have questions about transferring your assets to your children or about transferring your business? Meijburg & Co is here to help you. Our inheritance tax and gift tax specialists are professionals with a vast amount of knowledge and experience. They understand the complexity of legislation and regulations, both in the Netherlands and internationally. Please feel free to contact us.

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